If I move to A2Z Dental Clinic will my old records be lost?

No. It’s very easy to have your records from your previous dentist transferred to our practice. It also helps us understand your dental history, and can save you money from having to repeat x-rays and the like.

All you need to do is contact our reception staff. They will complete a form which you will need to sign, and we’ll send it off to your previous dentist requesting the transfer.

What should I expect from my first dental appointment at A2Z Dental Clinic?

Your first appointment will take about 30 minutes and it’s as much about us finding out about you, as it is about you feeling comfortable with us. Your dentist will do a full assessment of the current condition of your teeth, gums and oral health. Following this we may take x-rays if required, we’ll advise you of the different treatment options available to you and discuss a future treatment plan for you.  Our front office coordinators will set up any subsequent appointments as needed.

We ask that you arrive 10 mins before your scheduled time so that our reception team can collect a few details from you prior to meeting with your dentist.

When should I book in my child’s first dental appointment?

We recommend children have their first dental appointment at around two to three years of age, or when they are old enough to understand how to sit relatively still in the dental chair and follow the dentist’s requests of opening and closing their mouth for short periods of time.

We recommend children having their first orthodontic assessment around seven years of age. Early intervention has proven benefits for orthodontic treatments.

Find out more about our Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontic services.

Why would I need an X-ray and what’s involved?

X-rays help us to diagnose conditions that occur under the gums, under existing fillings or in between areas that cannot be seen. Many dental problems can begin without pain and without being obviously visible. X-rays help us to detect issues early, for simpler and more effective treatment options.

We take X-Rays in the chair in the treatment room and although the risk of radiation is negligible (less exposure than present on a 2-hour plane flight) we offer our patients the option of wearing a lead apron and can discuss other options if you are pregnant.

In addition to using X-Rays, A2Z Dental Clinic also use the new technology of intra-oral cameras (Diagnocam) for diagnosis, explaining concerns and future reference.

What are some signs of unhealthy teeth?

Indicators that you may have a problem with your teeth include visible chips or cracks, discoloured or sensitive gums that bleed when you brush, bad breath, sensitivity to hot/cold/sweet and pain in your teeth or jaw.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s a good time to make an appointment with us so we can determine the cause of your issue.

What could be causing my painful tooth?

Tooth pain can have a number of causes, including dental problems such as gum disease, tooth decay or cavities, a cracked or damaged tooth, or a problem with the tooth root. The one thing you should never do is ignore a painful tooth.

Book an appointment with our team so that we can assess the problem and treat the cause of your tooth pain.

Why is it a good idea to replace missing teeth?

Having restorative dental work and replacing missing teeth not only improves the look of your smile, but can also improve your overall oral health too. Missing teeth means your TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) doesn’t get the support it needs which can lead to painful, clicking jaw.  The teeth on either side of an extracted tooth will also tilt towards the created gap, causing a lot of stress on the supporting jaw bone.  And because your remaining teeth are doing the work of their absent friends, they also tend to be under more stress from chewing.

Are A2Z Dental Clinic accepting new patients?

Yes! We’re always happy to welcome new patients to A2Z Dental Clinic.

You don’t need a referral to visit us for a general dental check up! Simply call us today.