The first and most important step in looking after your oral health is regular Active Maintenance appointments with your dentist and oral health therapist.  During an Active Maintenance appointment your dentist will perform an Oral Cancer Screen, check the health of your gums and teeth and look for any other issues you may not have been aware off.

Some dental problems can take hold without causing you any pain. So, by having your Active Maintenance Appointment regularly, you’ll give us the best chance of finding any problems early. That means we can address issues before they become more serious and expensive to treat. It is a common misconception that if you don’t have pain, everything is healthy.

At your Active Maintenance appointment your dentist may:

  • Ask if you have any concerns
  • Check for early signs of decay
  • Check existing restorations
  • Look at your gums for early signs of gum disease
  • Take images of your teeth and existing restorations (for future reference)
  • Examine your tongue, throat, cheeks & lips for signs of oral cancer
  • Examine jaw joint
  • Examine your teeth for wear and erosion
  • Recommend a scale and clean with our oral health therapist
  • Advise of how to better care for your oral health
  • Discuss and Schedule a treatment plan for required procedures
  • Answer any questions about other restorative or cosmetic dental treatments

X-rays are a valuable tool to examine parts of your teeth and jaw bone that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Your dentist may recommend x-rays to assist with his evaluation of your oral conditions.

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